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Ruins_3 Roads_1
Ride up to Roman ruins along back roads.
Roads were excellent.

Roads_2 Roads_3
Roads . . .
. . . and more back roads.

Roads_4 Roads_5
Easy going cycling.
Needed detailed maps and had to refer to often.

Roads_6 RoadSign
No pot holes, smooth.
Bike friendly place, Provence.

Road_7 Rain_1
Nice views along the way.
A bit of rain the first day only.

Swedes_1 ViewLunch
After the rain, Susie gets the Swedes un-lost.
Nice view when you lunch on the side of a tall rock.

Berries Roads_8
Lots of black berries for the picking.
Cyclist ahead, with little English, helped us get un-lost.

Dine_1 WaterBottle
Gotta eat to keep the strength.
Convenient places to fill a water bottle.

Welcoming chateaus.

RoomWin_1 RoomWin_2
Our apartment window view.
Same view at night.

lunchstop kickback
Tiny lunch stop on first day.
Nice views to kick back at end of day's ride..

cycleshop gordemist
Olive tree in front of bike shop.
Gordes next morning after the storm, in a mist.

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