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This was our favorite. View from our room. Two nights.

Susan and Philip's 25th Anniverary
Cycling Trip to

Provence and Paris

bikeshop MarketColor RoomWindow
Mechanicals happen in St. Remy,Provence. Luckily we found a great bike shop.

Markets in every south France village.

Old but nice hotels. This in Uzes.



Great food and dining.

Gordes - city built into a tall rock

NarrowStreet NiteBar Grapevine

High up on the city built in moutain.

Yep, hit a few of these.
Cycled through many vineyards.

Lots of orchards with apples, cherries, tomatoes, sunflowers . . . apples


Though not so sure at this very moment, this "taking shelter" exercise was one of the more memoriable experiences.

Earlier that evening we "scored" the window table in a tiny three-table restaurant. After a super dinner with all the courses, it came a torrential downpour. The owner of the restaurant loaned us this umbrella. Not having it, we'd've really suffered during the 150 yard trek back to our room. This jpg is high up on Gordes. Using as a shield, the umbrella almost collapsed while we pressed forward.

winepannet Here at this village market . . . hey, see those two bottles of Cabernet on the right hand corner?
Well, two minutes later they are loaded on my bike.

Five Euros per bottle. Heck of a deal!

Got to have this toursty shot.
Was taken during Fat Tire
bike tour of Paris. Missing
Provence by now.

Map out Paris day hike.
FatTire FatTire_2
Fat Tire Paris Tour was a lot of fun and learning.
Cannons in front of a moat.

Susie's blushing. (This was my idea :-))

Mona Susie.